Saturday, March 31, 2012

My True Experience with Zip Nada Zilch using the Miracle Money Daily Template

(Exercise update follows, as usual.) Many have heard of Zip Nada Zilch. They are an online company that pays you directly to your Paypal account for getting referrals. The Big Cash Program, using Miracle Money Daily, pays at least $60 per referral without any money out of pocket to get started. Some months Zip Nada Zilch, or ZNZ, offers higher payouts than $60, so your commission for one referral might be $78 or $84 rather than the normal $60. These payments can add up to a nice sum of money, right? ... If you can rake in the referrals.

I have been using this program for about six months now and have received many leads with my capture page but very few actually have joined and completed the process required. I don't think it's because the program is unbelievable. I know, paying $60 per referral must be a scam, right? Not so! The reason they can pay this high dollar amount for each referral is because to join the program one must actually sign up for trial offers and other programs. With the Miracle Money Daily concept, the referral will spend no money, or very little money, out of pocket because the offers actually cost about $1.00 each and you might only need to sign up for 4 or 5 of these offers. The sponsor then pays the referral $15, thus truly making this program a zero out of pocket business for the referrals. This means the sponsor will earn $45 per referral (or $63 or $69 depending on the specials that are running at the time), rather than the $60 (or $78 or $84 if during a special).

A few cons is that there are no multi-level bonuses, one only earns for direct referrals and no residual income, so one must keep promoting this program and pulling in referrals in order to earn money consistently. Also, to sign up and complete the total process is time consuming initially but once you have done this you are eligible forever to receive referral commissions. This program is only available to those in Canada, the UK, and the USA.

There are still many pros to this program, or at least this concept. It can truly be a no money out of pocket unless you opt for a specific offer that requires more than a few dollars for a trial period, for example. Once you're all signed up you're good to go. There is no waiting months for payouts; commissions are usually received within 24-48 hours into one's Paypal account rather than monthly like many programs out there on the web.

I have promoted the Miracle Money Daily Program for ZNZ: Big Cash using both capture pages as well as my main page through traffic exchanges (like Easy Hits 4U, Dragon Surf, and others). I've also promoted on Twitter. (Please follow me @Bethany1202!)

I've used safelists and promoted through email and followed up a few times for each lead. I have promoted at various other sites such as Digg, Stumble Upon, Pinterest, etc., and have redeemed some earnings at PTC sites to purchase advertising. All this for very little success. However, I am still eligible to receive my payouts for each referral, so I will continue to promote this program and hopefully I will get a referral every month or two! LOL ; )

... Perhaps I will print flyers with my site address and distribute near college campuses -- students usually need extra money!

Exercise Update: Saturday, March 31, 2012

  • Dynamic stretching to warm up plus 30+ minutes cardio (including lunges with a 3-lb hand weight)
  • Over 50 crunches
  • 20 minutes on the treadmill at full incline (about 0.75 miles, burned nearly 100 calories)

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