Monday, May 14, 2012

Red Cross Blood Donations Status Update

I finally received a phone call back from someone who knows what he's talking about: an operations supervisor out of North Carolina named Mr. Benton. This gentleman was incredibly polite and knowledgeable. He addressed my prior call to the Red Cross regarding why I cannot donate blood even though I am healthy. He answered most of my questions with patient explanations.

In a nutshell, he's informed me that my tests came back negative for Hepatitis B (HBV), but they tested positive for core antibodies for the disease. This means that, while I am not at risk for contracting this disease because of the antibodies in my body, it appears that I was exposed to the disease and produced antibodies to fight off the potential infection/disease.

Although I cannot donate my blood to the Red Cross at this time, he said that this doesn't mean I am permanently banned as that other incredibly rude Red Cross employee was telling me. Mr. Benton understood my concerns and apologized for the behavior of the other employee (see Why I Cannot Donate Blood Even Though I Am Healthy). He advised me to call back about every six or eight months to see if I may be eligible to donate. This is due to technological advances and ways they may use the blood, or something or other.

I feel better having an explanation. That's all I wanted. Thank you, Mr. Benton!