Monday, February 4, 2013

Today: Three Months into my Vegan Transition

Today marks three months since I started transitioning to a vegan lifestyle. I have been a vegetarian for over 20 years, but being a vegan is completely different. I always ate mostly vegan food and used a great deal of products not tested on animals. For example, Giovanni shampoos and conditioners and Merry Hempsters lip balm were always some of my favorite products.

Now I read every ingredient and try to buy as compassionately as I can, which means getting a great deal of stuff online and at natural food stores. Some of the larger grocery stores in my area, like Martin's, does have a large organic and vegan section, for which I am grateful, but there are not too many vegan-friendly restaurants like I am used to back in Baltimore, where I grew up. I have been in Martinsburg, West Virginia now for over three years and it has its pros and cons just like everywhere else.

I am eating much healthier now that I have cut out my greatest weakness: cheese. No more cholesterol in anything I eat and usually the meals are lower in fat and higher in nutrients. I am eating a great deal more fresh fruits and vegetables as well and less fatty snacks, such as potato chips with dip. I always thought giving up the cheese would be harder. I loved cheese very much, and am sure I was addicted to it. (If you don't think cheese is truly addictive, research casomorphins!)

I have had a few struggles here and there, but I am proud of myself. I've thought about cheating a few times but I've stayed strong and have felt better because of my strength! I am strong enough not to give in to the petty desires of my tastebuds, and I am very opposed to animals being used as commodities (they are living beings who feel hurt, pain, and fear, just like anyone's precious pets do, so if you wouldn't eat your dog or your cat, why would you eat a cow, pig, or other animal?), and am saddened and angered by the horrendous conditions and practices used in factory farms and slaughterhouses.

Anyway, I just wanted to share my excitement for this mini-milestone today! Three months down and many years to go with my more compassionate lifestyle! There are so many exciting recipes I am anxious to try. I always knew I was meant to be vegan.

For breakfast today I ate Nature's Path Organic Flax Plus Red Berry Crunch Cereal with almond milk; between breakfast and lunch I ate a banana. For lunch I had a leftover slice of Amy's Vegan Margherita Pizza, and some corn and collard greens mixed together with a dash of sea salt and vegan butter. Later at work I will have a small snack of sesame pretzels with roasted garlic hummus.

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Kaleidoscope Acres said...

Congrats on becoming a vegan, it has not been a step I have been able to make but I certainly try to buy more animal friendly products when I have the option. My toothpaste, for example, is vegan.
I do still eat meat, but very rarely, it is just hard to find good vegetarian options where I live.