Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Health is Wealth Veggie Munchees Review

Health is Wealth is an all natural company that makes a variety of natural vegan and vegetarian products. They do also make some chicken products. The thing I like most about Health is Wealth is that all their products are labeled very clearly on the front and a decent variety of products are available at my local grocery store.

I have tried the following products from Health is Wealth: Vegetable Spring Rolls, Thai Spring Rolls, Chicken Free Nuggets, and others. Most recently I sampled the Veggie Munchees for lunch. The product is filled mainly with cabbage and carrots wrapped by an enriched wheat coating. It is flavorful. I did have mine with duck sauce (sweet and sour sauce) and it's also good with soy sauce or even vegan sour cream to enhance the flavors. Of course, they are also satisfying plain as well.

The serving size is 6 munchees and each package has about 12 munchees, thus providing two suggested servings. One serving is slightly high in sodium (at about 21% recommended daily intake!) but contains very low fat, only 150 calories, about 11% of your daily fiber, 4 grams of protein, 20% of the recommended vitamin C, 10% of the recommended vitamin A, and some other nutrients. Because they are vegan, of course there is no cholesterol in this food.

Health is Wealth Vegan Veggie Munchees are very easy to prepare. I just popped them on a plate and in the microwave for about a minute (there is no toaster oven or conventional oven at my work). I had half a package for lunch with a small side salad.

I was not a huge fan of their mock chicken products, but would like to try their vegan sprouted burgers, which are also gluten free.

Health is Wealth has been around since 1977 and make all their products in the USA. They use no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. Visit their website to check out all their products, the company philosophy, and where to buy:

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